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What types of businesses is the Mills Oakley Accelerator focusing on?

We are looking for Australian start-ups who leverage new technologies, process and business model innovation to revolutionise the way law firms work. 

This might include but would not be limited to:

  • enterprise analytics
  • document and process automation
  • artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • case and project management
  • research
  • enterprise mobility and security
  • virtual services; and
  • blockchain.

Does it matter what stage my idea is at?

It doesn’t matter what stage of the startup lifecycle you’re at - whether it’s just an idea and a newly formed team, or you’re an existing startup with traction.

What if my idea represents a conflict of interest with a mentor or mentors?

If a conflict of interest is apparent then mentors, where there is no such conflict, will be assigned to you accordingly and you will be under no obligation to share information with all mentors. 

Does it matter what stage my idea is at? 

The Mills Oakley Accelerator supports entrepreneurship at all levels. It doesn’t matter what stage of the start-up lifecycle you’re at - whether it’s just an idea and a newly formed team, or you’re an existing start-up with traction.  

Can we apply if we’re not from Australia? 

We are looking for Australian businesses and entrepreneurs only. 

Is my age a factor? 


The Prize


Funding and Equity

Mills Oakley will provide up to $500,000 to support viable ideas through incubation and commercialisation.

Each team will receive:

  • Up to $55,000 in funding to support design, product development, marketing and administrative expenses
  • A weekly stipend of $500 per person
  • Travel costs if required
  • Education from Collective Campus in innovation theory, design thinking, lean startup, marketing and other areas (value $25,000)
  • Mentorship from start-up experts
  • Access to legal and startup networks to help you test and refine your idea
  • A shared workspace for team members amongst progressive startups and entrepreneurs at Collective Campus in Melbourne’s CBD (value $13,000)

In exchange for this, Mills Oakley will retain 7% equity as common stock, which also provides ongoing incentive for Mills Oakley to engage with and support your team post the Accelerator.

Mills Oakley may also offer additional capital for a larger stake at the conclusion of the Accelerator.

At what point do I commit to a transfer of equity?

This is purely contingent upon your acceptance of an offer that we may choose to make after the 3 day bootcamp. This gives both parties an opportunity to evaluate each other and determine fit for purpose before proceeding. 



How are winning teams selected?

We’re looking for teams that solve problems and move at a pace that creates impact and value. If you can show us that your team gets stuff done, has really thought about the concept and already made some progress then make sure to let us know in the application.

For us, the market opportunity, team, concept and ability to execute are front and centre.

Can we apply if we’re not from Australia?

We are looking for Australian businesses only.

Is my age a factor?


Do I need a business plan and financials?




Is a participating company’s product or service guaranteed to be used or distributed by Mills Oakley?

It is entirely at Mills Oakley’s discretion as to whether or not commercial arrangements are entered into at the conclusion of the accelerator.

Who is Collective Campus?

Collective Campus is an innovation hub, school and consultancy that works with organisations to help them adopt the mindset, methodologies and tools in order to explore new business models and disruptive innovation in an era of rapid change. The company is based in Melbourne but works all over Australia and Singapore and its clients includes the likes of Sportsbet, Telstra, National Australia Bank, UBER, Zomato, Coinjar and more.