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i) Mills Oakley will receive many applications to participate in the Mills Oakley Accelerator, and that these applications may include identical or similar ideas to those set out in my application

ii) Mills Oakley may already be working on projects that are identical or similar to the ideas set out in my application, or may independently develop such projects, and that nothing in my application can prevent or restrict Mills Oakley from continuing with, or conducting, any such projects 

iii) Mills Oakley is under no restriction with regard to the companies it contracts with and the products and services that it develops or offers

iv) Mills Oakley and Collective Campus and their advisers will use the information I submit to assess my application for the MillsOakley Accelerator, and may copy, distribute, store, edit and otherwise deal with the information for purposes related to this purpose. 

v) I consent to my personal information being used for this purpose, and where my application includes the personal information of other people, I have obtained their consent to provide it for this purpose

vi) Nothing in this application will prevent Mills Oakley from exercising any of its rights under applicable law

vii) Mills Oakley will endeavour to keep my information secure and confidential, but it is not practical to establish separate systems and controls over the information.  The information may be available to a number of Mills Oakley and Collective Campus staff, and will not be returned or destroyed following the assessment process.

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