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New business models and emerging technologies such as automation, artificial intelligence and the blockchain promise to make the next decade one of great upheaval for many industries, not least legal services.

What is The Mills Oakley Accelerator? 

The Mills Oakley Accelerator is the result of a collaboration between Mills Oakley; a progressive legal firm and Collective Campus; a start-up incubator. The accelerator is an end-to-end innovation program which offers new law entrepreneurs and start-ups the funding, tools and support they need to grow their idea into a viable business. 

Why has the Mills Oakley Accelerator been established? 

The Mills Oakley Accelerator has been established to drive innovation in the legal services sector by providing a 13-week incubator support program and start-up funding to aspiring entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship in the fields of automation, artificial intelligence and the blockchain promise to make the next decade one of great upheaval the legal services industry. Mills Oakley wants to support forward-thinking start-ups in powering these innovative technologies through the Mills Oakley Accelerator. 

Why is Mills Oakley providing $500,000 to fund innovation in the legal sector? 

Mills Oakley believes that legal technology innovations are set to transform the legal services industry over the next few years and they want to be a part of the process. The funding provided by Mills Oakley is an investment in your business; Mills Oakley will retain 7% equity as common stock, meaning that they will have an ongoing incentive to engage with and support your business after the accelerator experience is over. Participating in the Mills Oakley Accelerator will in no way compromise your ownership over your idea, the only condition of participation is that you allow Mills Oakley 7% equity in your business.

What is included in the Mills Oakley Accelerator package?

If your idea is selected, you will receive a share of the $500,000 funding provided by Mills Oakley. This will include:

  • Up to $55,000 in funding to support design, product development, marketing and administrative expenses 
  • A weekly stipend of $500 per person 
  • Funding for travel to Melbourne (if required) 
  • An incubator program at Collective Campus including education in innovation theory, design thinking, lean start-up, marketing and other areas (value $25,000) 
  • Mentorship from start-up experts and entrepreneurs 
  • Access to legal and start-up networks to help you test and refine your idea  Access to legal and business advice from senior Mills Oakley lawyers 
  • A shared workspace for team members amongst progressive start-ups and entrepreneurs at Collective Campus in Melbourne’s CBD (value $13,000)


Dominic Woolrych

Head of Legal, Lawpath

Dominic is on the executive team and the legal product manager at LawPath. A thought leader in Australian legal disruption, he was recently recognised as winner of the Australian Legal Innovation index. Prior to joining LawPath, Dominic was a corporate lawyer at Minter Ellison Lawyers, Australia. Dominic has also spent time at the Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) as a criminal solicitor and at the International Court of Justice.

Damien Andreasen

CEO & Co-Founder, Lawpath

Damien is a startup veteran with expertise managing strategy, revenue, processes and large sales teams resulting in one of Australia’s largest and fastest acquisitions. Prior to co-founding Lawpath, Damien was head of sales for Australia’s 1st Group buying company with $40m exit in under a year. As a mentor, Damien brings experience in operations, sales, marketing and product with excellent insight into consumer purchasing behaviour.

Ash Maurya

Author of Running Lean and Creator of the Lean Canvas

Ash Maurya is the author of the international bestseller “Running Lean: How to Iterate from Plan A to a plan that works” and the creator of the one-page business modeling tool “Lean Canvas”.

Ash is also a leading business blogger and his posts and advice have been featured in Inc. Magazine, Forbes, and Fortune. He regularly hosts sold out workshops around the world and serves as a mentor to several accelerators including TechStars, MaRS, Capital Factory, and guest lecturers at several universities including MIT, Harvard, and UT Austin. Ash serves on the advisory board of a number of startups, and has consulted to new and established companies.

Lachlan Mcknight

CEO, LegalVision

Lachlan is the CEO of LegalVision, and also assists the legal team with loan agreement reviews and drafting. Lachlan’s past experience working as a banking and finance lawyer in Europe and Asia convinced him that high-quality legal services should be accessible not just to large corporates, but also to small and medium businesses.

Asher Tan

CEO and Co-Founder, CoinJar

Asher co-founded Australia’s largest digital currency exchange platform, Coinjar, which has exceeded over $100M in trades. Asher previously spent almost four years as an enterprise researcher and senior analyst at IBISWorld and has contributed articles on technology disruption to the BRW, INTHEBLACK and Westpac.  

Mira Stammers

CEO, Legally Yours

Mira founded Legally Yours, an online portal that gives everybody access to specialist fixed-fee legal advice. Mira was previously a senior associate at Lawrence Graham and an associate at Maddocks. She was a fellow of the Startup Leadership Program in 2015 and currently serves as a board member of Interchange Western, a not for profit improving the lives of young adults with a disability in Melbourne’s west.

Simon Quirk

Director and Founder, Orbis & CEO and Co-Founder, VidVersity

Through Orbis, Simon provides solutions in strategy and innovation to startups, large private companies and leading corporations, including NAB, ANZ,

He has founded several startups including his most recent VidVersity and StrategyFusion, for which he raised two $400,000 rounds of funding.

Simon also spent 14 years as a lawyer in private practice and in house at the likes of K&L Gates, Freehills and Getty Images.

Samantha Wong

Head of Operations, Blackbird Ventures

Before taking on her role at Blackbird, Sam co-founded two startups including Startmate alumni Gravity and CapacityHQ.

She was previously global project manager at SurfStitch.com, spent almost six years as a lawyer at Minter Ellison and currently serves as partner and mentor at Startmate.

Brennan Ong

Founder, Law Advisor

Brennan is determined to modernise legal practice. Founded in July 2015, LawAdvisor was established to provide legal professionals with modern day technology to better serve their clients, and has since raised more than a million dollars, including an investment from Google Maps co-founder Lars Rasmussen.

Steve Glaveski

CEO and Co-Founder, Collective Campus

Steve founded Collective Campus to help large organisations adopt the mindsets, methods and tools required to successfully explore new business models and disruptive innovation in an era of rapid change and increasing uncertainty.

Steve is a keynote speaker, author and hosts Future², an iTunes chart topping podcast on corporate innovation and entrepreneurship.

Steve co-founded Lemonade Stand, a successful children’s entrepreneurship program and HOTDESK, an online office sharing platform that raised $150,000. He previously worked for the likes of Ernst & Young, KPMG and Macquarie Bank.

Sean Qian

COO and Co-Founder, Collective Campus

Prior to co-founding Collective Campus, Sean founded two coworking spaces for high growth technology startups - Collins Collective and Queens Collective, which collectively saw hundreds of startups as members. At Collective Campus, Sean oversees the educational programs and startup community - drawing on his past experience of managing a private institute of 500 students. Sean was one of the original founders of Australia’s first VR industry body. Sean also has a background in events management, having co-founded a company which toured events all over Australia, including Think Inc, which saw the likes of Neil deGrasse Tyson visit Australia for the first time.


John Nerurker

CEO, Mills Oakley

Steve Glaveski

CEO and Co-Founder, Collective Campus

Sean Qian

COO and Co-Founder, Collective Campus

Josh Li

Web Coordinator

Charity De La Cruz

Marketing Coordinator

Simon Quirk

Director and Founder, Orbis & CEO and Co-Founder, VidVersity

Mills Oakley

Mills Oakley is a leading national law firm with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Perth. With over 80 partners and more than 550 staff, we offer strong expertise across all key commercial practice areas.

From origins in Melbourne in 1864, Mills Oakley has grown to become a domestic leader in legal services with a client base of ASX-200 listed companies, mid-sized corporations, the public sector and not-for-profit organisations.

We have been consistently ranked by independent media surveys, including those conducted by The Australian and The Australian Financial Review, as one of Australia’s fastest growing law firms over the past five years.

About Collective Campus

Collective Campus is an innovation hub, school and consultancy that helps companies adopt the mindset, methods and tools required to best explore new business models and disruptive innovation in an era of rapid change.

The organisation has delivered delivered services to a range of corporations including NAB, Telstra, MetLife Insurance, Webjet, Sportsbet, UBER and IBM, as well as countless private companies including Australian startup success stories such as UBER, Zomato, Coinjar, Drawboard and Asset Owl.