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Far too often, people from the one organisation see the world through a very similar lens, however true innovation requires that many unique perspectives are brought to the table. We can help you collaborate with customers, partners, universities, startups and the public at large in order to bring unique insights and skills to the table to deliver better outcomes.

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“Because we work in banking, we look at things very much through a banking lens, We wanted to collaborate with everyday customers and also collaborate with people that are more involved in this industry, developers and designers, people that are actually involved in developing applications already.” - Simon Pomeroy, Head of Digital Banking and Customer Experience, Westpac on the bank’s open innovation efforts.

Open innovation is being used by companies such as Westpac, GE, P&G, Microsoft, Citrix, Samsung, Shell and even Google.
Shell's open innovation program, Gamechanger, allowed them to tap into the insights of independent third parties to identify ways to cool liquified natural gas (LNG) at sea.
The decreased transport cost means that Shell can now harvest much larger reserves of energy at sea and avoid the risk of environmental disasters at land.

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