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Upskill your workforce in emerging skill sets through short, high impact classes and courses in topics such as innovation theory, lean startup, design thinking, customer experience, agile project management and data science.

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Get The Right Tools

We run a number of courses, classes and workshops designed to equip your workforce with the right tools, mindsets and skills to innovate. We can also build dedicated and customised materials to ensure that your staff get the absolute most out of our sessions, relative to their unique circumstances.

National Australia Bank (NAB) turned to Collective Campus to help upskill its employees to better make sense of disparate and complex sets of data through our data science workshops, using the R programming language.

"The workshops at Collective Campus were highly relevant, pitched at the right level and delivered to perfection. CC provides a productive environment for high-quality, tailored training from a comprehensive list of contributors" - Doryan Gowty, Portfolio Manager @NAB

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