Data Science Fundamentals: Introduction to R (Weekend Session)

Level 1: Everything you need to know about Data Science

Data Science Fundamentals breaks it down to the 101. The 2-week intensive is designed for those who are unfamiliar with the tools and the language that is widely used in the realm of Data Science. For beginners and those considering a career switch to Data Science, this course provides you with a solid foundation skill from across the data science spectrum. 

The intention of the course is to make you feel comfortable using several widely used cutting-edge techniques and giving you an introduction to working in the Data Science field. Those who complete the Fundamentals course eligible to take part of the Data Science Short Course, which explores an advanced technique and is focused on industry projects to give you a head start in your career as a Data Scientist. 

What to bring


What to Expect

  • Introduction to the REPL
  • Data structures
  • Installing packages
  • ‍Importing and exporting data
  • ‍Reshaped and molten data
  • ‍String manipulation and regular expressions
  • Summarizing data
  • Visualizing data

WHat to expect

Week One

Week two

Week three

Week Four

Everything  you need to know

October 15 - October 16

Saturday - Sunday 10AM - 4PM

Super Early Bird: $595

Early Bird: $645

Regular: $695

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Why pay for instructor-led tuition?

Though there are many fantastic online learning options available, more often than not we don't end up completing the course - either because it gets too difficult or we simply lack the discipline to persevere.  Our program is for those who want to ensure they can learn what they need to within a certain timeframe. By having an instructor and peers, you are held accountable, and will have the support you need to push through.

Where does your course material come from?

We've partnered with one of the premier coding bootcamps in Silicon Valley to bring you this course. The curriculum is constantly updated and their full time graduates have been placed in more jobs than all the Bay Area universities combined. It's good stuff.

Are there discounts for teams?

Yes, we do offer group discounts. Please email with your requirements or call us on (03) 9996 1257.

Who should apply? what do you look for in applicants?

This course is aimed at people with absolutely no data knowledge, but who would love to learn how to, for a career change, or just increase their skillsets.

Above all else, we look for those with perseverance and a drive to grapple with new challenges. We can teach you all the technical stuff.